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The story began when Al and Bev met when they were 10 years old when they lived across the road from each other. They would help each other out with chores and sit next to each other on the school bus. That is where a great friendship began. They married at 18 and went on to have four daughters. Now after 43 years of marriage their family has grown with 12 grandchildren. The ABN Ranch started in 2015 in southern Utah where Al fell in love with Wagyu cattle. Al and Bev decided to relocate to a larger ranch in Walters, Oklahoma where there is less snow and more water. Three of their daughters and their families have now joined working on the ranch.

Backed by Genetics

ABN Ranch Has a Big Future

ABN Ranch main goal is to breed and raise the very best in Red Wagyu cattle based on foundation bloodlines.

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ABN Ranch
180000 N 2600 RD
Walters, OK 73572

Phone: 702-863-6717
Email: anessinger@aol.com

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